About Covet PLACE


Beautiful Places

     At Covet Place we take the time to understand your living habits, space, and style to help create refined designs for your interior and exterior spaces. 

We know good planning and design are fundamental to ensuring your home or workplace inspires every day, so we take the time to understand your individual needs and will provide exceptional service and assist you through to completion of your project. 


We Care About Your Place … It’s Our Passion

A well-designed space consists of:

  • appealing structural      features 
  • effective layout &      zoning
  • appropriate and attractive      wall & floor treatments 
  • carefully selected      furniture, fixtures, and fittings

We endeavour to custom design spaces that suit your lifestyle, improve zoning & flow, and inspire opportunities to live well, socialise and work.   


Design Quality & Value


Covet Place takes pride in providing you with interior design services and understand the importance of planning your project before you begin building, renovating or redecorating.


We take this time with our clients as we know changes are more expensive during and after completion where wasted effort, time and materials can occur. 

We do it once and do it well.